Friday, May 1, 2009

Row & Run

Yes, the look on Jami Curl's face says it all!  That bell is HEAVY!  96.9 lbs to be exact!  Jami took the kettlebell challenge and did 8 swings of every size kettlebell we own.  She started with the 15lb. and worked her way up, then worked her way back down!  Nice job!  

The workout consisted of 2 exercises.  Seems simple enough.  
Row 250m....

Run 1 lap.....
rest....yeah...this one is a killer!  

Warm Up:
halos - 10
goblet squats   - 10
hand 2 hand swings - 20

push press
2 warm up sets of 5 
5 rounds 
3 push press
5 dead hang pull ups

4 rounds
row 250m
run 1 lap
rest 3 min

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