Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flip, Catch, Squat

We had some serious fun with the booster box yesterday!  Lot's of great jumping!  
A parade of cross walks!  
And a single kettlebell workout!  

Congratulations to Liz and Katje who mastered the kettlebell snatch in last night's workout!  Great job!  

Warm Up:
band walks
monster walk
lunge walk
frog hop
inch worm
wall squats - 15

3-4 rounds
kettlebell cross walk
box jumps -10
knees to elbows - 10

4-5 rounds 
45 seconds of each exercise
flip, catch, squat
left arm kettlbell snatch
right arm kettlebell snatch
figure 8 to a hold
super plank
rest 90 seconds between rounds

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