Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The countdown begins

We are looking good to be in our new space on January 10th.  Final workout will be Friday January 9th at 5:30 pm, moving party will follow.  If you are available to help we would love some extra hands!  We are planning on having a little celebration afterwards.  Food and drink will be provided!

Workout was:

10 - weighted push-ups
5- ring dips
l-sits for time

45 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest

double cleans
renegade lunge
side to side jumps
figure 8 to a hold

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just 3 minutes

Congratulations to Tricia for getting her first kipping pull-up!

Workout was:

5 rounds
5- double kettlebell push presses
5 - dead hang or weighted pull-ups


3 rounds
1 minute at each station with a running clock
dumbbell thrusters
ball slams
rest 3 minutes between rounds

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Workout recovery

For skill we worked on single leg deadlifts.  Here's Sean using his favorite kettlebells!

The workout started with a 1000 meter row.  Sean and Melissa were teamed up together.  Sean's looking strong!

Melissa hitting wall ball hard!

Melissa still looking strong, Sean hitting a wall.

I think Sean is grateful the workout is over!  Nothing like a bed of d-balls to speed your recovery!

workout was:

Partner workout

row 1000 meters
100 - wall ball
100 - med ball sit-up passes
100 - sdhp
100 - kettlebell swings
50 - atomic push-ups

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Holiday workout

Workout was:

5 rounds
10 - heavy med ball cleans
5 - dead hang pull-ups

6 rounds
20 seconds on/10 seconds off

med ball cleans
rope snaps

Friday, December 26, 2008

reindeer games

Santa's little helpers all decked out for the festivities!

After the brutality of the workout, Cristina and Tiff blew off some steam with a snowball fight!

Grayson looking fierce during his double kettlebell presses

nothing like a 1000 meter row to start the day

As promised here are some more photos from our Christmas Eve workout.  
Thanks again for braving Artic Blast 08 to join us!
Have a safe and happy holiday!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feats of Strength for festivus

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday to you all!  Enjoy the snow and stay safe! 

More pictures to post tomorrow, I forgot to download photos from the 10:00 am class.

We wanted to give you all a proper send off for the holiday festivities.  
Hope you enjoyed this Festivus inspired workout!

Workout was:

"Feats of Strength"
row 1000 meters
leg circuit
100 - ball slams
75 - 2 hand swings
50 - double kettlebell push presses
50 - ring rows
25 - 1 arm snatches (each arm)
15 - knees to elbows
10 - burpees
leg circuit