Friday, December 12, 2008

How Spectacular is Mr. Spectacular?

After warming up, we started class off with a 7 minute Kettlebell Snatch/Hi-pull test.  How many reps in 7 minutes?  You can change hands and set the kettlebell down as often as you need.  Many people were able to go the whole 7 minutes without setting it down!  Everyone did a great job!  

Next we did a core grind.  4 rounds at each station.  

Station (A)  
8  - Mr. Spectaculars
20 - ring swings
rest 1 minute 

Station (B)
20 - 2 hand kettlebell swings
row 250m

It was fun to revisit Mr. Spectacular. Those double kettlebell cleans catch up to you!

 Stella came to play!  

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