Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white christmas

Closure today!  Due to the fact that my car is stuck in a huge snowdrift, Nathan and I have decided to cancel classes for the rest of the day and for 6:30 am tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone that braved the weather this morning and joined us for class!

Try shoveling some snow for time!  It's a great workout!  See you in the morning!

Shirt off Todd dragging tires in the snow!  A lifelong dream fulfilled!

Workout was:

2 rounds
max pull-ups
rest 3 minutes between rounds

partner workout

100 - wall ball
100 - two hand swings
100 - ball slams
100 - push-ups
100 - mountain climbers
200 - mountain climbers
200 - jumping pull-ups
2 minute ring hold

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