Saturday, December 6, 2008

Burrito Gone Bad

The First Annual and Hopefully Last Ever Recreate Fitness Burrito Eating Contest results are in!
Each of the contestants: Evan Smith, Sean Teisher, Orion Kooistra, and Matt Gonzalez decided to start with 2 full size burritos. Sean, never one to pace himself, started with 3.

Hidden away in the back room of Pepino's on 23rd each burrito was weighed and tallied, and the contest began.
It was uneventful at the start; spectators and contestants eating their burritos like any other Friday night. Until Sean finished his first burrito well ahead of the rest of the pack. Everyone was going strong until the second burritos were gone. Sean started on his third while the other 3 contestants waited for their orders. Getting a little cocky, Sean began doing wall squats, burrito in hand.

From here trash talking ensued. Fits of laughter leading to near disqualification due to gag reflexes kicking in, and Evan began to pull ahead. He finished his 3rd burrito. Matty G. threw in the towel first with about 1/4 of his 3rd burrito to go. With Sean & Orion still struggling to finish their 3rd; Evan began in on Matty G's leftovers, and that was it for Orion. He was out of the game.

Sean, trying to guage his competition, asked Evan how much more he could eat. Evan's reply: "I'll eat your f&*% ing face." I believe he could do it. Sean lost part of the burrito in his mouth and that was the end.

Evan was victorious! He even ate a few extra chips...just to show he could.

From the looks on the contestants' faces, and the protruding bellies, I think I can say with confidence, the real winner in this event was the 23rd Avenue Pepinos, which probably had record sales last night.

I've begun hearing rumors of a Saint Cupcake sponsored Cupcake Eating Contest in the works. So, if any of you are thinking about entering, I suggest you start your training now.

Congrats, Evan. And thanks to everyone who came out to support your local Burrito Eating Champs.

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E said...

Just so everyone knows; I worked out in those clothes... the pitstains aren't from meat sweats.