Friday, April 10, 2009

Untimed Action

Yesterday we did an untimed workout.  The goal here is to work hard and work steadily. 

We started with 5 rounds of push press.  

The next station was Mr. Spectacular, which is a double kettlebell clean into a push up, paired with sand bag half moons.   

Finally the power wheel.  Everyone loves the power wheel.  Right Jasmine?  

Warm Up:
bear crawl
lateral hand walks
frog hop
inch worm
wall squats - 15

2 warm up sets of 5 
barbell push press
5 rounds 
5 push press
3-5 dead hang or jumping negative pullups

untimed stations

Station 1:
10 Mr. Spectacular
12 sandbag half moons
rest 1 min

Station 2:
power wheel crawl
10 power wheel leg curls
rest 1 min

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