Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Burpees!

We were so happy to celebrate Lindsay Brown's birthday yesterday with a super fun partner workout.  Thanks to everyone who joined in on the 28 birthday burpees at the end of class.   
Happy Birthday, Lindsay!  
We tried a few new things in the skill portion of class yesterday.  Those who are confident with their single kettlebell snatch tried out double kettlebell snatches.  Then we went outside for a little medball throw and run.  It's just like it throw it, and run after it.  

Then we partnered up for some challenging 30 second work intervals!  

Warm Up:
10 pass thrus
10 overhead squats
5 spiderman each leg
75 jumprope

heavy 2 hand kettlebell swing
double kettlebell snatch
dball throw and run

partner up
6 rounds at each station
30 seconds on:  30 seconds off

jumping pullups
wall ball
rope snaps

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