Thursday, November 29, 2007

Muscle Ups

Congratulations to Ben on getting his first muscle up on only his second attempt. Workout tonight was a chipper.

30 dumbell deadlifts men 40 lb/women 25 lb

15/15 one arm push press men 35 lb/women 20 lb (15 each arm)

100 jump rope

30 push-ups

15/15 lunges
30 sit-ups

30 wall ball men 20 lb/women 12 lb

15/15 one arm swing men 36 lb/women 25 lb

30 jumping dips


Devon said...

Congrats Ben! Good workout. Sorry I missed it.

leslie said...

Why do you call workouts "chippers"? This inquiring mind wants to know!

tina said...

Hi Leslie. I see you found our little blog. It was great meeting you this weekend. A chipper consists of many different exercises done in a circuit for one set only.