Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the tina project

Med ball cleans

Testing for max push ups

This is Tina. She came to us with the normal goals of losing weight. Her goals are to lose 15 pounds. Our goals for her are performance based. Faster times on benchmark workouts. Higher numbers on max push ups and squats. The ability to do a push-up. We feel by emphasizing performance goals the weight loss goals will follow. She has generously allowed us to chronicle her workouts and progress. She'll be working with Nichole and Nichole will post progress reports every week. Stay tuned!

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maryd said...

Keep up the good work Tina! Looking good. Love the new look to the website. Today we did partner Viking Karen. 4 rounds of row 250 while your partner throws 25 wallballs. It was a lot of fun