Saturday, July 7, 2007

Warm Up

Try this for your next warm up!


Courtesy of Dan John:

This workout is performed using a length of PVC pipe.

1. Shrug.
Straight arms, hook grip, wrists cocked in, elbows rotated out, squat stance. Try to hit your ears with your shoulders.

2. Shrug + pull.
Like step 1, then pull to chest height. Don't bend arms until shoulders are fully shrugged. Keep the bar in very close to the body. This is a quick motion, with no pause between the shrug and the pull.

3. Muscle snatch.
Exactly as with step 2, then finish pulling the bar to the overhead position. The bar should end up in line with the back of the
ears, with the wrists bent back.

4. Behind the neck press.
Still using a snatch grip, press from the shoulders where the bar normally sits in a back squat. This is not going to wreck
your shoulders; it's only a 4-ounce PVC pipe.

5. Behind the neck push press.
Like step 4, but start with slightly bent knees and use a little knee kick to pop the bar up. Do NOT go up on toes, kick
through the heels.

6. Pressing snatch balance.
Squat stance. Press the bar up as you simultaneously go down into a bottom position overhead squat. With practice,
the bar doesn't really move. This is not a quick move.

7. Heaving snatch balance.
Squat stance. Like step 6, but use a little knee kick as in the push press. This is a quicker move than step 6.

8. Drop snatch.
Move the feet a little closer, into the pulling stance. Use little knee kick like step 7 but drop down into the bottom of the overhead squat position as fast as humanly possible while popping the feet into the squat stance. Minimize air time. Faster. Faster still.

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