Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Class

We warmed up with some kettlebell drills.  
Halos, renegade lunges, swings and we introduced the Turkish get-up.
Chantel swinging and Julie deadlifting.  
Today was Julie's first class and she did a great job!

Matt and Susan doing wall ball.  Susan's push ups looked as 
good on her third round as on her first.

For class today we did a version of Crossfit's Fight gone bad.  5 exercises done for 1 minute each and then rest for 2 minutes.  
3 rounds
wall ball
dumbell deadlifts
push ups

Thanks to everyone for coming out today! 


Julie said...

Thanks Nathan and Tina - I had fun, and look forward to more.

tina said...

Glad you enjoyed class on Saturday. You did a great job, it was a tough one. Hope to see you in more classes and have a great holiday!