Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

I did manage a group photo of the 9:30 class but forgot to get the 8:30 gang together for a shot.  Thanks to everyone that came out for our holiday partner workout!  Hope you all had a great holiday with your friends and family!
8:30 group post workout

partner ladder ball slams

Katie and Dave getting some height on wall ball

warming up with partner med ball passes

walking swings

Workout was:

row 1000 meters
200 jump ropes
ladder 10-1
wall ball
10x - walking swings
ladder 10-1
ball slam
200 backward jump ropes

1 comment:

nurse tiff said...

great workout nate and tina. thanks so much for being flexible and adjusting the workout. it was great. i hope you had a great thanksgiving. missing you down here in corvallis. go beavers!