Saturday, November 29, 2008

Civil War showdown

Saturday marks a big day for Oregon College football and we have our share of rivalries in the gym.  Katie showed her Beaver spirit by coming to class in true fan fashion, face paint and all.  In all honesty she did it on a dare that Nathan threw down and he now owes her a week of free classes.  The duck contingency showed a little more restraint but showed strength in numbers by handing out hats and recruiting support on the spot.  Good luck to both teams. 
Go Beavers!  Go Ducks!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera yesterday so pardon the blurry iphoto shots.  

Workout was:

5 rounds of
5 - heavy med ball cleans
8 - ring rows

then a 

tabata circuit

20 seconds/10 seconds off
6 rounds of

jumping pull-up
ring leg curls

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