Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beam ball: the next big thing

Some of you have asked what goes on during trainer workout.  Friday, Nathan decided to try to find a way to utilize the 12 foot beams we have in the new space and presto: 
beam ball is born!

Take a dynamax ball....

throw it over the beam....

....race to the other side of the beam and catch it for a point.  Person with the most consecutive catches without dropping the ball is the victor! 

Nathan and Blake teamed up and challenged Nurse Tiff and Melissa to a game.

Jeff attempts a double rope climb

Everyone loves beam ball!!

Cristina did a great job on her first ever rope climb!

Beam ball teams are forming now!  Tournament to follow!

Workout was:

6 rounds

5 - dumbbell hang squat cleans
5 - ring dips


 1 - 500 meter row for time

work on:

double unders
pole vaulters
handstand push-ups
ring holds

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seant said...

Beam ball ROCKS!