Saturday, January 10, 2009

Move gym for time

A big thank you to everyone that came out for our final workout at the old space.  Nathan and I were a little overwhelmed at how generous everyone has been with their support and offers of time in getting the new space ready!  After the workout everyone chipped in and loaded their vehicles with equipment.

10 minutes later this was all that was left!  

The move in went just as quickly, we placed equipment...

checked out the new space....

taped the bars...

found a place for everything....

The entire move took 30 minutes, start to finish.  We never would have been able to accomplish it all without your help!  Thanks for making the move so easy!

Todd even has a new mop to mark the occasion.  New exercise perhaps?  
Traveling Handstand push-ups and mop for time.

After the move was over time for the important stuff!  Party!  Everyone got a chance to explore our new home and the experimenting started right away.  

The new ring set-up proved irresistable.  Jeff had the honor of doing the first muscle-up in on the new ring set-up.

Traversing the new pull-up bars proved to be the hit of the night!

Todd and Tiff even engaged in a game of chicken!  My money's on Tiff!

Friday marked the last workout in the gym.  It was a bittersweet day for Nathan and I.  While we are excited about moving on to a new and bigger facility, we will miss the space and all the memories that exist with it.  

Sean and Nathan tried some weighted ring pull-ups.  Nice bells boys!

Final workout:
6 rounds
5 - heavy med ball clean and press
10 - weighted push-ups

3 rounds
run 450 meters
20 med ball cleans
10 burpees


cupcake jami said...

yahoo!! the new space is amazing! congrats, Team Jeffers - now go get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

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