Wednesday, March 18, 2009

30:30 Partner Intervals

We partnered up again yesterday for a great cardio interval workout.  We had a lot of new faces in the gym yesterday.  Thank you to Kirsten, Paul, Beau, Patrick, and Ethan for joining us for class yesterday!  
Cristina touching down at the jingle jangle station.

Joel and Jami with great kettlebell swings!  

Christen and Lindsay going after the ball slams with 20lb dballs! 
Amber and Danielle working hard!  

Beau doing a great ball slam on his first day in class!  

Julie and Andrew battling the ropes!  

Kirsten, Imran and Daniel feeling the burn!  

Warm Up:

passthrus - 10
overhead squats -10
jumprope - 75


weighted pullups/deadhang/jumping negatives
ring dips - 6-8
weighted pushups or ring pushups  - 10


30 seconds of work:  30 seconds of rest
6 rounds at each station


jingle jangle
2 hand kb swing
ball slam
rope snaps
(We added "freestyle" as one of the rope snap patterns, be on the lookout for a few of our favorite moves.  Nick had some happy feet going, and Sean rocked some "flashdance" style moves.)

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