Thursday, March 26, 2009

Strong and Steady

Yesterday's workout consisted of 3 stations.  The focus was core strength and working steadily for the entire class time.  Everyone did a really great job!  

Station 1:
6 rounds 
pull ups (3-5)
ring dips (5-8)
weighted sit ups (12)

Kim doing pull ups on the beam!  

Katie looking strong on the ring dips!  

John B. smiling through the weighted sit ups.  

Station 2:
3-4 rounds
deadlift (10)
box jumps (10)

Chad with a great deadlift!

Erin and Trevor on the box jump.

Station 3:
3-4 rounds
turkish get up - (3 each side)
power wheel roll out (10)

Joanne doing the turkish get up.

Joe Fury with the power wheel.  

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