Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big balls!

Wednesday was a core grind day and heavy med ball squat and carry was one of the exercises.  Sean took the heavy part to heart and grabbed two med balls for his squat.

Sean looks like he's feeling the burn!  Will he make it all the way down?


John is never one to pass up a challenge and grabbed a pair of his own.  Great work!

Workout was:

3-4 rounds:

Group A:

6 - heavy med ball squat and carry
10 - power wheel roll-outs
10 - cross chop to halo
rest 1 minute

Group B:

3 - turkish get-ups (each side)
12 - sandbag half moons
run a lap
rest 1 minute

Group C:

7 1/2 minute kettlebell snatch or high-pull test

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