Saturday, January 5, 2008

1st workout of the year

warming up with kettlebell drills

Dana makes 100 jumps seem easy

 Devon working on her pull-ups

They can still smile after all that!

Happy new year everyone!  We had our first group class of the new year today and it was a tough one.  We did a chipper workout which is a series of exercises that are all performed one time only.

25 one arm swings (25 right arm 25 left arm)
50 squats
25 jumping pull ups
100 jump ropes
50 sit ups
25 one arm push press (25 right arm 25 left arm)
100 jump ropes
25 ball slams
25 push ups
bear crawl the length of the room up and back 3 x


Tricia said...

I'm sore! But so glad I finally got off my butt to get back in to the best workout approaches ever! See you Tuesday.

tina said...

It's great to have you back!