Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Partner Workout

Everything is better in twos, even a workout.  We did a lot of playing on the rings and worked on pull-ups, handstands and ring dips.  Great job to Greta and Meg on their first workout.  They both did great with their first set of band pull-ups!  

Another big congratulations to Devon who started CrossFit last March with zero pull-ups. She got her first pull-up this summer and last night hit her personal record and goal of 15!  She's already moved on to a new goal of 20 pull-ups.  Devon has made tremendous progress and is an inspiration to all the women in the gym!  

On another note here is a great blog entry written by a client at Petranek Fitness in Santa Monica on her first Crossfit workout.  

Partner workout:

7 rounds
1 minute of rowing
1 minute of ball slams

switch with your partner every minute on the minute

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