Thursday, June 19, 2008

Group Hike June 29th

Marlene is leaving us to return home to Atlanta next week. She has been a source of inspiration and sometimes amusement for us all! We'll miss you!  Don't forget to visit us whenever you're in Portland!

Congratulations to Jami (aka cupcake glitterati)  who got her first full pull-up today!  She got one on the bar and one on the rings!  Multiples are just around the corner!  Great job!

Workout was:

3 rounds

run a lap
10 knees to elbows
20 ball slams
heavy med ball overhead carry

Devon is planning a hike to Dog Mountain next Sunday June 29th for anyone interested.  The hike is roughly a 7 mile round trip with 2400 feet of elevation gain.  The hike should take 3-4 hours.  If anyone is interested just let me know and I will forward more details to you!


John said...

Dog mountain is a great hike! Highly recommended! Wish I could go!

Jenn L. said...

I love the picture of me in mid-air!! Perfectly captures how happy I am doing ladder drills. :)