Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Partner Power

Tuesday in class we tried out a new partner workout. Kipping pull-ups were on the menu and great job to Cristina and Melissa on making some great progress!  We also introduced the gladiator which is a variation on the turkish get up. Great job to everyone on l-sits and ring holds for time!  

Workout was:

2 minute combined l-sit
100 wall ball
100 ball slams
100 kettlebell swings
2 minute combined ring hold

Divide the reps equally and only one person works at a time!

Here's a photo journal that chronicles a sample menu of 1,600 calorie a day vs. a 2,900 calorie intake.  Notice that the volume and amount of food is just as big or even bigger but lower in calories and fat.  Remember that small changes and carefully selecting your food can make a big difference!  Weight loss: The thin line between 1,600 and 3,000 calorie day

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