Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kettlebell fever

Jeff doing a great demonstration of the turkish get up, bottoms up style.

The kettlebell circus has arrived!

Ben working on his front lever

Jef and Dana challenging each other to a walking swing race

max pull-ups

max push-ups

Todd decides to try the shirt-off approach to fitness.  

Tuesday night was skill night so we pulled out the kettlebells and worked on the clean and press, one leg deadlift, walking kb swings, front levers/l-sits, ring rows/pole vaulters and the turkish get-up.  Everyone tried to get through the skills 3 times before the workout. 

Workout was:

3 rounds
max pull-ups 
max push-ups

rest 3 minutes between rounds

Great job to Ben on setting a new gym record for pull-ups!  
42 consecutive pull-ups in a row!  Impressive!

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