Thursday, May 15, 2008

top ten fast foods in disguise

 I forgot to mention yesterday that Jenn has been working very hard and getting up on the pull-up bar every time she comes into the gym!  Her hard work and perseverance finally paid off Tuesday, she got her first kipping pull-up!  Great job!

Congratulations to Ben with 13:56 and Julie with 15:20 who had the fastest times of the day on the chipper!

Workout was:

A chipper

run 450 meters
50 med ball cleans
40 sit ups
30 one arm push presses (each arm)
20 lunges (each leg)
10 ring dips
run 450 meters

Here is a post from Mark's Daily Apple about the Top 10 fast foods in disguise.  Just because a restaurant bills an item as healthy that doesn't make it so.  Healthy in today's world is unfortunately becoming an advertising catch word that can be used to label anything that isn't high fat or calories.  Remember that a lot of the time low fat = high sugar.  Enjoy!

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Julie said...

Ah, a kudos on the blog for us morning folks! Thanks for remembering us ;-) And congratulations Jenn on your hard work paying off.