Friday, August 22, 2008

Battling the rope

We unveiled a new exercise in group class today, the battling rope.  The idea is to swing the ropes up and down creating waves in the rope.  Everyone has been having a great time flinging them around.  The ropes can help develop grip strength, improve the ability to create and sustain power and increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  

Thursday in class we didn't do any workout for time but worked on skill and technique.

Workout was:
3-5 rounds of each set

Set A
 10 - double kettlebell clean and press
row 250 meters
rest 1 minute

Set B
15 ring push-ups
3 turkish get-ups (each side)
rest 1 minute

Set C
10 half moons
7 power wheel pikes
rest 1 minute 

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