Monday, August 11, 2008

Got blog?

Saturday we warmed up with some in place mobility exercises and then did a max set of push-ups and a max set of pull-ups.  Great job to Devon, Courtney, John B, John F, Nick, Todd and Cristina all for setting new pull-up pr's!  

Special recognition goes out to staff sargeant Evan Smith on his new push-up pr.  100!!

workout was:

run a lap

then 90 seconds after last one in

1 minute at each station with a running clock

3 rounds

row for calories
wall ball
side to side jumps
kettlebell swings

Do you have a blog we don't know about?  We have a growing number of members with blogs and business related websites that we would love to highlight.  Keep watching the friends of Recreate sidebar for new additions.  Lee and Kyle two of our newest members just launched a  blog last week and guess what!  They have a whole post dedicated just to Recreate Fitness!  Thanks for the great endorsement!  

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