Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beacon rock hike this Sunday

We hope you can all join us for a group hike this Sunday to Beacon rock!  It's a 7.6 mile hike with 2000 feet of elevation gain, this will be a challenging but easier trip than our Dog Mtn hike.  We'll be meeting at the Gateway park and ride at 8:00 am.  If you want any more details email Nathan with any questions!

Monday marked the busiest day we have ever had in the gym.  Thanks to everyone in the 5:30 pm class for working around each other! We warmed up with pass thrus and overhead squats and then did thrusters for strength.  Two warm-up sets of five followed by 5 work sets of 3.  Try to increase the load each set.

Workout was:

3 rounds

run a lap
10 knees to elbows
15 ball slams
heavy med ball carry

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