Thursday, July 3, 2008

strength + skill

Here are some photos of Lynn (Boots) when she first started with us back in February.  Note the 5 pound weights she is using for thrusters and her squat form needed a little work.  Lynn has been very consistent with her training and made huge strides in her strength and flexibility!

Here is Lynn during yesterday's workout.  35 lb kettlebell high pulls!

And check out that squat depth and form.  Huge improvement!  
Way to go Lynn!  Keep up the great work!

Not every workout needs to be done for time and max effort so Wednesday in class we focused on strength and skill development.

Workout was:

4 rounds
kettlebell hi-pull/snatch - 5 each side
double kettlebell front squat - 5 
ring push-ups - 15
rest 1 minute after each round

4 rounds
turkish get-ups - 3 each side
knees to elbows - 10
rack walk to gate
rest 1 minute after each round

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