Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great day for a PR

Courtney's new pr 215

Jenn's new pr 195

Tiffany's new pr 195

Joel's new pr 193

Melissa ties the gym female record with 235 lbs!

Friday in class we spent most of the session deadlifting.  We had a lot of personal records set!  The ladies in the 5:30 class all set new records for the deadlift!  

Congratulations to Joel, Orion, Cristina, Melissa, Courtney, Jenn Holt, Tiffany, Renata, Rebecca and Macala for all setting new pr's!  Wow, what a list!

Workout was:

kettlebell warm-up

figure 8
hand to hand swings
goblet squats
overhead squats

15 two hand kettlebell swings


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