Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fight Gone Bad and the Aftermath

Here is a video of Fight Gone Bad from Saturdays workout.  Great job to everyone that participated.  Congrats to John F and Katie with the highest scores of the day!

Workout was:

Fight Gone Bad

1 minute at each station with a running clock

3 rounds

wall ball
sumo deadlift high pull
box jump
push press
row for calories
rest 1 minute between rounds

The ladies prepping for a little after party dancing.  Hope you all behaved yourselves!

After a workout like Fight Gone Bad there's nothing better than a party!  You all deserved to let your hair down and enjoy a night out!  Thanks to everyone that came to our second bi-annual client appreciation party.  It's nice to see everyone all cleaned up and in their grown up clothes!    


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Thanks again for such a wonderful party! You guys are the best!