Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mountain Athlete

Nathan doing a dumbbell crawl

Todd demonstrating the Russian twist with a barbell

Shannon looking strong during a minute of non stop kb swings

Shirt off in the midst of performing Mr. Spectacular

Rob Shaul from Mountain Athlete spent two days with us introducing us to his programming philosophy and sharing some of his favorite exercises.  It was a informative, grueling and fun (??) experience for us all.  We all took away a new exercise we love to hate and Nathan and I got some great ideas to try out with you all!  (Don't be nervous, the Todd survived the experience just fine!)

Next up, Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Certification Sunday November 9th. 

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John said...

BIG thanks to Rob for making the trek out west this past weekend and putting on a great seminar as well as Nathan and Tina for hosting it!

Get some athlete!