Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day extravaganza

thanks to everyone that came out to join us for a Labor day workout.  We started with heavy med ball cleans paired with swings and did a partner ladder workout for the WOD.

Partner workout
run a lap


box jump
med ball clean
ring row

L-sit 2 minutes 

only one person can work at a time
Be sure to check out our newest gym blogger, Sean's blog.
 It's a good thing he works out so much with a diet like that!  


intern tiff said...

go team intern....we look so happy to be working out.

John said...

Welcome Sean! Blogging can be work @ times but IMO it you'll be glad you did it.

Nathan/Tina: make sure and add Sean to the friends list!

Sara said...

who is that hot guy on the left in picture #5? he should go shirtless more often!

hemant said...

It is nice to be working hard in the Gym. It maintains are a physical fitness regime.