Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Movement of the Month

If you haven't met it yet,  we've introduced a new movement for the month.  The clean and split jerk.  Either you love it, or you love to hate it.  It's a very athletic movement considered to be the "king of lifts" because the most weight can be lifted overhead this way.  Tonight in class we warmed up with some dynamic flexibility work and medicine ball partner passes, then we worked on pull-ups, l-sits and handstands.  

Workout was:

3 rounds
clean and split jerk
run 450 meters at the beginning of each round

Here is a great tutorial to improve your pistol squat.  This is another movement that we have been working on in our skill sessions.  Adrien is a CrossFit trainer from San Francisco and we had the opportunity to work with him last time we were in the city.  He is a great instructor and he can make the most difficult gymnastic movements seem effortless.  Enjoy!

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