Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Running Katje Returns

Tonight we did a version of the Katje workout we created a few weeks ago but we substituted the 1000 meter row with two 450 meter runs. 
Before the WOD we worked on some skills.  Pull ups, one leg squats, knees to elbows, handstands and muscle ups/jumping muscle ups.  Kudos to Meg on her knees to elbows and getting her feet off the wall with her handstand! 

Workout was:

run 450 meters

wall ball 
ball slams
kettlebell swings

run 450 meters

Here's another great post from Mark's Daily Apple on the

Speaking of eating green, the Portland Farmers Market returns this Saturday April 5th at Portland State.  If you haven't been you've got to check it out!  It's a wonderful resource for local fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy!  Shopping a local farmers market enables you to buy fresh food directly from those that grow it. 
 Be sure to visit the Portland Farmer's Market website for lots more information!

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