Thursday, October 23, 2008

Couple of couplets

Here is a great post from Mark's Daily Apple, Plyometrics for everybody.  There are lots of ways to incorporate explosive movements into your routine besides box jumps.  Check it out!

Workout was:

4-5 rounds of each set

Set A
10 deadlifts
row 250 meters
rest 1 minute

Set B
6 - heavy med ball squat carry
10 - power wheel roll-out
rest 1 minute

Set C
3 - turkish get-ups (each side)
15 - jacknifes
rest 1 minute


John said...

Great WODs Wednesday and Thursday... great programming design and great intensity by everyone in class! Thanks everyone!

Julie said...

As promised, here's my very own WOD, the "Brisbane" (rhymes with "train")

10 Burpees
10 Sit ups
10 Air squats
1 spring to the "corner"
10 rounds for time
Julie's time: 22:05

And Nathan - XL or XXL?