Thursday, October 30, 2008

multi purpose water bottles

Cristina managed to stay ahead of Tiff and Melissa and was declared the victor in the inaugural water bottle challenge.

So everyone seems to be developing water bottle fever this week.  Jami started by taking one for a walk around the block and Wednesday everyone decided to race around the block with them.  Who will be the next to find a creative use for them?

5 - in place inchworm
15 -  squats
10 - push-ups
20 - sit-ups

 1 - 500 meter row

workout was:

run a lap


workout was:

5 rounds

6 - double kettlebell hi-pulls
6 - double kettlebell clean and press
6 - double kettlebell squats
6 - double kettlebell row
6 - double kettlebell thrusters
10 - around the body passes

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