Sunday, October 5, 2008

It takes two

News flash:  Sean finishes the Portland Marathon in 4:19, six minutes ahead of the Oprah line!  Shirley completed the marathon in 3:47! 
Congratulations to you both!

Saturday we started with a kettlebell warm-up and then worked on pistols, windmills and leg curls.  Then we teamed up for a partner workout.

Workout was:

100 ring push-ups
100 jacknifes
run a lap
100 d-ball thrusters
100 dumbbell snatches
row 1000 meters

divide the reps equally between partners and only one person can work at a time.

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Stec said...

Nice job with the team workout. I think the team workouts can be great because you can really bolster competition - especially with those that may be stronger/faster/fitter than the others by pairing them up with those that will be even. Plus some people really love team stuff, and crossfit tends to be more individual. What have you found?