Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flip, catch and squat

Tonight we warmed up with ladder drills and then we took our time working on some skills.  Workout was a short metcon.

3 rounds

5 Windmills (each side)
5-1 legged kettlebell deadlift (each leg)
handstand push-ups
10 flip catch and squat

mini metcon

row 500 meters
25 jumping pull-ups
25 ball slams

For the first time we tried the flip, catch and squat otherwise known as the wallball substitute.  You start with a mini swing as you flip the kettlebell upside down, catch the kettlebell in a full squat, then as you come out of the squat you throw the kettlebell back into a swing.  This one will get your heart rate up in no time!

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