Thursday, March 27, 2008


Walking kettlebell swings

Congratulations to Meg and Katje who both got their first l-sit hold today!  

1 leg deadlifts

Katje demonstrating the gladiator

Tonight we took our time with the skill portion of the workout.

we introduced the dumbbell clean and then:

3 rounds at your own pace
1 leg deadlift
hamstring pull-ins on the rings
walking swings

500 meter row

10 kettlebell clean and press (each side)
20 hand to hand kettlebell swings

Here is a link from Mighty Foods about Dove Vivi a new pizzeria on the Eastside.  
They've been getting a lot of press about their delicious pies.  They highlight fresh local ingredients on their menu and offer vegetarian and vegan options.  Mighty Foods is another great site to check for recipes and healthy cooking tips.  

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