Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Fever

Thanks to everyone for coming out to workout on such a beautiful Saturday.  This was the largest 8:30 am class we've had.   Both classes did the same workout today.

The ladder got a little trickier today with some backwards drills. We also warmed up with some med ball passes around the block.  

We all worked on kipping pull-ups/band pull-ups, ring dips and we tried kettlebell chops.  Katja astounded us all with her beautiful box jumps!  Julie I hope you enjoyed the bike ride!  Remember, pace yourself!  

Workout was:

40 seconds on/ 20 seconds off
4 rounds

dumbbell push press
d-ball squats
box jumps
hand to hand swings
renegade lunge

Here is a review of the book "Eat This, Not That!"  from the NY Times. Bon appetit!

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