Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jack LaLanne king of the push-up!

Tonight in group class we started with 5x5 dumbbell push-presses and 5x5 dumbbell lunges.  Everyone also got a chance to do one set of max pull-ups!  Mark, Meg, Lynn and Jeff all hit new personal records!  Congratulations!  

Workout was a mini tabata:

20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off 
8 rounds at one station then move on to next exercise


Here is a little clip of the king of fitness doing his famous version of the push up. It's an enduring symbol of physical strength in our culture.  Based on national averages a male should be able to complete 27 push-ups and females 16.  Where do you stand?  The NY Times also printed an article about the push-up.  Be sure to check out the video attached to the article.  Have you ever seen push-ups like that before?  

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