Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's your score?

Pets can have an impact on your activity level

We are so fortunate to live in Portland where we have access to parks, trails and endless choices for outdoor activities. (when the weather cooperates)  Here are two links worth checking out.  The first is a commentary on the importance of neighborhoods on fitness.  
It's My Neighbors Fault I'm Fat
The ability to walk to services, schools, shopping and restaurants as well as access to good public transportation has unmeasurable value to the quality of life.  Walkable neighborhoods support the local economy, encourages interaction between neighbors and is truly the best way to acheive the greener lifestyle that is so currently in fashion.  Portland is full of compact neighborhoods that supports all these ideals. is a website that takes your address and calculates a score from 1-100 that gauges the walkability of your neighborhood.

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