Saturday, March 29, 2008

The weather outside is frightful

We had to stay inside today due to the snow falling outside.  
It is March 29th right?

Workout was:

with a running clock
1 minute at each station 
rest 3 minutes between rounds

row for calories
wall ball
kettlebell swings
slam ball

Can you say March 29th!  Do you know how much our your diet is derived from corn?  Here is a preview of a documentary airing on PBS called King Corn.  It is an entertaining and fascinating look at the American food system and how corn has come to dominate almost every facet of the modern food chain.  It starts with two college students planting a single acre of corn and following its path from seed to dinner plate.  Take the time to see it if you dare!  
It's an eye opener!

Here is another link to an article by author Michael Pollan about corn and it's prevalence in our food system.

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